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Mobile Electronics Australia Specialist Dealer

Welcome and thankyou for visiting the official Fhrx Studios website. During your stay browse the entire website and check out not only what is new but what is ageing and ancient too. Our news articles often run in conjuction with many other publications as we're regular contributors of various reviews and articles to a whole range of audio / visual publications, both online and in print.

Listed below is the latest incar audio / visual industry news as of Thursday 7th July 2011. If you have anything to contribute, please email us.

Micro Precision Retail Pricelist Updated. - 07/07/11

The new Micro Precision full retail pricelist is now linked from the products page. Changes to the list include the removal of some items, the addition of others and price revisions all round. For these and various other pricelists, click here.

Specials Page Updated - Both New & Used. Free Shipping Included! - 07/07/11

Like clockwork we continuously endeavour to offer customers big savings on various items. Usually this refers to various new products we're running specials on but the specials page is also used for other sales duties such as selling second hand, ex-demo, damaged and salvageable equipment. In addition to always seeking extra floor space we often see customers upgrading their systems. This means you can buy ex-demo stock (belonging to us) and fully tested and warranted second hand stock that once belonged to our customers as well.

To check out what is on the chopping block right now click here. There are also plenty of ex-demo, second hand, damaged and salvageable items are listed as well. See the bottom of our specials page! We also offer free shipping on all orders.

Remember the specials change every few days so get in quick! Click here to check them out!

Crescendo's 2011 Range Feedback. - 04/07/11

As you know; the new Crescendo range of component speakers arrived in Australia a month back. Since then we've had the opportunity to install most of them and reporting back; they're stunning. This is the result of a myriad of advances in both materials and technology being incorporated into the 2011 line-up and it can be heard.

Click to enlarge image
Click on images to enlarge

But don't just take our word for it. Rather; head over to Mobile Electronics Australia and have a look through the latest and greatest on offer from Crescendo by clicking here.

The first official 2011 Fhrx Studios charity BBQ / tuning & audition day! - 23/06/11

For those among you who are either new here or perhaps have just resided on another planet apart from this particular one, Fhrx Studios used to hold frequent charity BBQ days. Well; we're starting again!

All the details can be found here

We hope to see you all there!

Pioneer's New Double DIN Screens. - 22/06/11

With Clarion's new NX501A doing tremendous business Australia wide, audio visual giant Pioneer was not going to be left in the dark for long. Determined not to be outdone after the roaring success of the AVIC-F20BT during the last year or so, Pioneer has now announced that the new AVIC-F30BT and its smaller sibling; the AVIC-F930BT are about to hit the ground running.

Click on images to enlarge

Both units are packed with extensive lists of features. Rather than me listing them all here, just follow the links below to read the Pioneer PDF file for each deck.

The current Australian retail price, in addition to numerous other details, are also listed on these information sheets. Feel free to email us for additional information.

Dynamat Bulk Pack For Free? - 22/06/11

I'm just kidding. However now that I do have your attention let me tell you what we ARE offering in regards to Dynamat bulk packs. As many of you know; this Saturday we're holding our charity BBQ, tuning & audition day and events like these tends to attract plenty of people, some of which drive in from interstate.

As with all of our functions, we generally offer cheaper 'event only' pricing on anything ordered on the day and to this end, I've had a lot of people asking if this special pricing structure includes Dynamat bulk packs. The answer is 'of course it does' and because of this I've just ordered quite a large number of them. Now sadly you won't get them free however you will pick one up for a stupidly cheap price. Just how stupid you might be asking? Well naturally it's too stupid to print so you'll just have to email us for the price. Please note; this offer is only available to people here on Saturday picking them up.

Project Y1K is complete! - 13/06/11

As many of you know; Fhrx Studios is often associated with high end audio. This often lends itself to people making the somewhat incorrect assumption that we only deal with high end budgets as well. However if you browse through the list of brands we’re dealers for you’ll actually find quite a few of them contain entry level components.

To this end; last Sunday whilst I was here slowly becoming another victim of boredom, I had a light bulb moment where I thought 'why not build a demo car to showcase just what is possible for a seriously minute budget'? Basically the task was as follows; design and install a factory audio upgrade which would combine pleasant sound with plenty of grunt when needed. But the entire system’s components including cable, dash kit and sound deadening had to come in at one grand! Trust me that’s not an easy ask but hey; I’m always up for a challenge.

Click here to read about the successful result of this challange.

What guarantee do I have? Why come to Fhrx Studio's? - 12/06/11

Here at Fhrx Studio's we believe in two principles above all others - quality of workmanship and customer care. We take the nessessary time to complete installs neatly, safely and correctly. We're not a cheap company and will never been known as one. We utilise numerous proven methods in ensuring the customer gets exactly what they desire with no damage to their vehicle. For more information regarding this, click here.

FAQ Page Updated. - 26/05/11

We get asked hundreds of questions a day and so where we can, we try to add the more common ones to the FAQ (frequently Asked Questions) page within this website. It has been updated again today with changes to the 'What system for XXXX dollars' article. Click here.

Audison Thesis Components Here For Auditioning. - 19/05/11

We're pleased to announce that Audison's flagship car audio components, the superb Thesis; are now setup in our demo room ready for you to audition. Employing the TH-6.5 Sax midrange and TH-1.5 Violino tweeter, the Audison's are hard up against some of the best component sets in the world vowing for top honours as the worlds best - so why not come down for a listen and tell us what you think?

Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

Audison claim that the Thesis range are the absolute in high end so why not put them to the test and see for yourself what all the hype is about. For more information on all the Thesis components, including the amplifiers; pay a visit to the Audison website.

ARC Audio XDi Amplifiers Released. - 19/05/11

ARC Audio is a name synonymous with high quality amplification, producing superior amplifiers for longer than it cares to remember and achieving many milestones along the way. However many people are under the misapprehension that to own an ARC Audio amplifier you need to also own a small island off the coast of Queensland. Not so people. Whilst it's true that ARC Audio do have some very serious amplifiers, it also offers an affordable entry level selection too - and new XDi range is testament to that.

There are various configurations available including very nice looking three and five channel models boasting 2 x 80 and 4 x 80 respectively in addition to a subwoofer channel outputting 400 watts. For more information and Marc Rushton's full article, head over to Mobile Electronics Australia by clicking here.

Boston updates its calendar wallpaper images. - 19/05/11

In continuing with its monthly tradition Boston Acoustics has produced another calendar / desktop image for you to add to your collection.

Click to enlarge image
Click on images to enlarge

Other resolutions and information about Boston Acoustics products can be found on the Boston Acoustics website here.

Eclipse CD-5030 back in stock. - 19/05/11

For those of you awaiting the new batch of Eclipse CD-5030s; they're now in stock again.

Just in case you've been on another planet and aren't sure why these decks are red hot at the moment, it's because its asking price belies its impressive feature list, some of which include:

  • Built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • USB connection
  • Monochrome OEL display
  • MOSFET 50W x 4 channel outputs
  • 7-band PEQ and loudness control
  • Auto EQ (using a microphone)
  • Time Alignment (Auto/Easy)
  • Crossover
  • 5V preamp output
  • Blue/Red switchable illumination
  • Twin security system
  • Remote control
  • E-LAN data link system
  • AUX input
  • Direct iPod® connection (through USB using iPC-109)
  • Simple search function for iPod®
  • Detachable front panel/ESN (Key CD Security)

For further information and full specifications, click here. Please email us for pricing.

The 'Not So Flash' Install Images. - 18/01/11

We're often asked to upload new images regarding various aspects of installs as opposed to the usual finished 'bling' shots. Sadly this can sometimes include the poorer side of installation and a side the customer almost never sees. Click here to view the images. Note; you must be an MEA member to access this section of the forum so why not join up? It's free!

JVC Releases New 2011 Ranges. - 17/05/11

Victor Corporation of Japan, more commonly known to you and I as JVC; has finally released its long awaited 2011 range of source units. We've been waiting for sometime now and we're happy to report the wait has been worthwhile, for there are some stunning units included in this latest line-up, including one with DAB functionality in addition to one very impressive flagship model - the KD-R926BT cd/receiver.

The release of these new source units coincides with the release of the new range of JVC Arsenal range of equipment, in addtion to what some are saying was a much needed website facelift. So now you can find all the information regarding the entire JVC & Arsenal ranges right at your fingertips by visiting the new look JVC website. Alternatively; feel free to Email Us for further information.

Testimonial Thread To Fhrx Studios. - 01/05/11

Without sounding immodest, we often receive positive feedbank from satisfied customers. However every so often one goes above and beyond, writing a testimonial in our section of Mobile Electronics Australia. It makes us feel good and hell; it's great advertising so without further ado; click here to have a read.

Random Install Images From March - April 2011. - 29/04/11

Yes it's time for our bi-monthly visual silliness thread on MEA where we show you what goes into our installs behind the glam, bling and bright lights. So view the photos including the obligatory Lamborghini shots Click here. Note; you must be an MEA member for images to show rather than links - so why not join up? It's free!

Introducing The AutoBlackBox. - 19/04/11

Ever been harassed by someone when driving around in your car? Or perhaps you've been in an accident which was clearly not your fault, only to have the other driver change their story to point the finger of blame at you? Or worse still; your pride and joy is stolen! Imagine if you could capture everything on film to show what really happened; well now you can because the AutoBlackBox is here!

Click on images to enlarge

Basically the AutoBlackBox sits inconspicuously in your vehicle (usually up behind the review mirror) and quietly films your driving, either inside or outside the car whatever your requirement may be. Just imagine how many post-incident scenarios would be relatively stress free if there was footage of the event proving you were not the one at fault. Also imagine how fewer negligent driving tickets will be issued in future too.

There are numerous models to choose from with varying features so why not take a look over at the AutoBlackBox website for a full explanation and run down. The current Australian retail price varies from $200 to $330 depending on model and various aftermarket accessories are also available to compliment the cameras. For further information please email us.

Dash Solutions For VE Commodores. - 19/04/11

When it comes to Commodores and its various derivatives, the poor VE has always been one of the least favourite models for aftermarket integration due to various commonly discussed issues within the VE platform. Well this is all about to change with the release of a new dash kit that incorporates not only a double DIN opening, but also an entirely new aftermarket climate control system too.

Click on images to enlarge

So now you can run your aftermarket double DIN head unit (or single DIN / pocket combination) complete with navigation, iPod, blue-tooth, DAB+, reverse camera (the list goes on) in your VE all whilst still retaining both climate and steering wheel controls. The current Australian retail price is $589. For further information please email us.

Clarion's New Flagship Double DIN Screen Has Arrived. - 14/04/11

It's been a little while coming but finally we are proud to announce that Clarion's eagerly awaited double DIN powerhouse, the NX501A has arrived and to say it's impressive is to do it an injustice!

Click on images to enlarge

The feature list is amazing; from the Parrot bluetooth and 24 bit digital-to-analogue convertor to the superb navigation software and adjustable icon layout. For more information and Marc Rushton's full article, head over to Mobile Electronics Australia by clicking here.

The current Australian retail price is $1999. For further information please email us.

The Orion AVR6.1 DAB Head Unit Arrives In Australia. - 09/04/11

Like Big Kev, we're also rather excited to announce that the eagerly awaited Orion AVR6.1 has finally arrived - Australia's first double DIN audio visual navigation receiver with digital radio (DAB+) built it!

Click on images to enlarge

Rather than us boring you to death with a massive list of features (and it does have quite a few), why don't you head over Mobile Electronics Australia to have a read of Marc Rushton's article regarding these stunning head units. On the fiscal front; the Australian retail price is currently $1999. We also have additional data sheets available if people want them - simply email us.

Tru-Technology Retail Pricelist Updated. - 06/04/11

The new Tru-Technology full retail pricelist is now linked from the products page. Changes to the list include the removal of some items, the addition of others and price revisions all round. For these and various other pricelists, click here.

The ARC Audio 'KS' Range of Speakers and Subwoofers Arrive. - 29/03/11

ARC Audio, the veritable deity of amplifier design, is well known throughout the world for its clean and powerful amplifiers. Surprisingly enough though, many people don't realise that ARC Audio also manufacture speakers and subwoofers. The new KS range are the latest to land in Australia and they're something special.


There are numerous types of drivers ranging from co-axial and component sets to ten and twelve inch subwoofers and unlike what some might suspect, the price tag is more than just reasonable. To celebrate the arrival of these fantastic components we're holding a package sale too so now you can get some stunning ARC Audio equipment into your ride and at a drastically reduced price. For more info on these and all of ARC Audio's products visit its website. For more info on the fantastic package deal currently on offer, see the specials page.

Sony Releases Its New 2011 Source Range. - 10/03/11

Sony doesn't require any introduction as over the years just about all of you would have listened to, seen, or at the least heard about Sony's products. So we'll skip the introductions and get straight to the point; the new 2011 Sony source range has now been released and there are some mighty fine products in there, especially ones like the new MEXBT3950U cd/receiver.

Now before some of you roll your eyes and flippantly dismiss these source units as 'more Xplod rubbish' just remember that Sony has never claimed the Xplod range to be world's best high-end audio equipment. Rather; Sony actually claim its Xplod equipment is good quality, budget upgrade equipment for those looking to get superior sound without taking out a second mortgage to pay for it - and no one can argue with that fact. For information and images of the new 2011 source range why not pay a visit to the Sony website. Alternatively; feel free to Email Us for further information.

The Crescendo Etude5.12 Subwoofers Arrive! - 03/03/11

It's quite rare that we see and hear a subwoofer that is not only enormous and capable of titanic output, but is intelligently designed enough that it actually retains the ability to sound fantastic at the same time. The Etude5.12 is just one such subwoofer and whilst they've been on the way to our shores for what feels like an eternity, we're happy to announce that they've finally arrived.

Click here for larger photo Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

Engineered and produced with both sound pressure and quality in mind, the Etude5.12 is capable of playing loud enough to blur your vision, deep enough to make you feel sick and accurate to the point that you'll be grinning like a Cheshire cat upon listening. For more information including the list of features and specs, click here. For more images of the behemoth Etude5.12, click here.

Multiple Full Retail Pricelists Updated. - 26/02/11

The new ARC Audio, DLS, DynAudio, Image Dynamics, Monster Cable and Tru-Technology full retail pricelists are now linked from the products page. Changes to the lists include the removal of some items, the addition of others and price revisions all round. For these and various other pricelists, click here.

Sound Deadening Paint Back In Stock. - 24/02/11

Many of you would've recently read about the winding up of Acoustic Solutions and this meant no more of the famous 'SoundOff' paint. Well we're happy to announce we've sourced the same acoustic paint and now have it back available for purchase.

Used by us primarily for deadening enclosures to remove their resonant ring, the liquid damping compound is a lightweight, waterbased, viscoelastic vibration damping material that can be used just about anywhere, effectively reducding noise and vibrations in car body panels as well. Contact us for pricing and more info including all the technical specifications.

Introducings HiTV's Latest Multimedia Station. - 22/02/11

Multimedia maestro HiTV has just released its latest offering; the HD4000 digital multimedia / navigation station. It allows you easy access to various media from iPod, USB mass storage or DVD changer while the super sharp high resolution widescreen display is great for enjoying movies, TV shows - you name it the HD4000 does it.

Click on images to enlarge

From the HiTV website; HiTV’s expertise in incar video and acoustical technologies enables the development of next generation solution - the HD4000. We'll spare you the full spiel here. However, if you do wish to check out the entire explanation including full technical specifications, click here.

Stinger Batteries Available In Australia Again. - 15/02/11

For those of you who'll admit to remembering back to the days of the Stinger 'Dry Cell Power Master' batteries (yes; those black ones with the coiled snake on the side), you'll recall they were one very sought after power cell because on top of offering a fantastic blend of quality and small size, they outputted copious amounts of power whilst possessing impressive endurance characteristics.


Putting that nostalgic moment aside; we're happy to announce that the new line of Stinger batteries are now available in Australia and this time, *cough*, they're very competitively priced.


From the Stinger website: Stinger power cells are engineered to deliver unsurpassed performance and durability for everything from street vehicles to show cars. That’s why dollar-for-dollar, amp-for-amp, pound-for-pound, Stinger batteries blow all competition away. There are four models currently available in Australia, those being the following (in order of size):

  • SPV20 (for small vehicles)
  • SPV35 (for small to medium vehicles)
  • SPV44 (for medium to large vehicles)
  • SPV69 (for large to gargantuan vehicles)
  • SPV70 (for powering a small city block)
Contact us for pricing or for more info including all the technical specifications click here.

Mutlimedia Solutions! - 14/02/11

Without sounding immodest, over the years Fhrx Studios has become well known for its sound however many people don't realise that we also specialise in the visual aspect of entertainment systems as well.To that end, we constantly receive emails from people asking us what multimedia solutions are available for various budgets and whether these solutions can be integrated into modern cars. Well the answer is usually yes so without further ado check out the top of the specials page.

New issue of INCAR magazine hits the stands. - 14/02/11

The latest issue of INCAR magazine is hitting the newstands as we speak. This is one of many publications that Fhrx Studios contribute to each month. This issue sees Paul, Edgar, Marty plus the rest of the gang converting their thoughts to print on everything from security systems to amplifiers!

Incar Entertainment Magzine

Grab your copy now!

Free Shipping For All Orders! - 18/01/10

Here at Fhrx Studios we appreciate that many people are caught up in the financial pinch at the moment. So this month we're offering free shipping to anywhere in Australia for all mail orders!

Free shipping coupled with the super specials currenty on add up too massive savings for you! To check out what is on the chopping block right now click here. New items are listed first while ex-demo, second hand, damaged and salvageable items are listed at the bottom. Note; we've cleared out four demo cars recently so there is plenty of equipment to be had from them!

Image Galleries Updated. - 18/01/11

We're often asked to upload new images regarding various aspects of installs as opposed to the usual finished 'bling' shots. This includes everything from cable runs to sound deadening - all the stuff that the customer usually never sees. Therefore we have added quite a few new images to both the interest and inspiration photo pages.

Many more install photos can be found in our section of Mobile Electronics Australia too. Note; you must be an MEA member to access this section of the forum so why not join up? It's free!

FAQ Page Updated. - 26/12/10

We get asked hundreds of questions a day and so where we can, we try to add the more common ones to the FAQ (frequently Asked Questions) page within this website. It has been updated again today with more earthing upgrade info and photo links. Click here.

HiTV Introduces the Atum Headrest System. - 16/09/10

If you're looking for a headrest entertainment system that is head and shoulders above the rest, just check out the latest release from audio / visual maestros HiTV - the Atum system.

iPod Solutions
Click on images to enlarge

Movies, games, images - you name it, the Atum system can provide it. For more information click here or simply email us.

iPod Solutions for Volkswagens. - 07/09/10

For those of you opting away from the usual Volkswagen upgrade path that sees the employ of the RNS510, there is now a Dension solution allowing iPod integration for both the RCD300 and RCD500 head units.

iPod Solutions
Click on images to enlarge

Click here for a little more preliminary information or visit the Dension website for full details on not only these but all Volkswagen solutions. Or simply email us for more information.

Introducing SB Acoustics. - 02/09/10

For those among you not yet in the know, while SB Acoustics has been around for quite a while, it's products are relatively new to the Australian market. Basically the company was formed to bring an alternative to the hi-end transducer market.

Click on images to enlarge

From the SB Acoustics website; Marrying the design talents of Danesian Audio (Denmark), a company filled with industry veterans, responsible for many well known and revolutionary designs, and manufacturing partner Sinar Baja Electric, a vertically integrated company with more than 27 years of transducer manufacturing experience. We feel we have been able to create an affordable line of products, without compromising acoustic performance for cost. Ultimately, we invite you to judge. For more details why not visit the SB Acoustics website?

Multimedia Solutions for the Landrover Freelander. - 01/09/10

If you're currently running the factory head unit in your Landrover Freelander, HiTV has just released a new navigation system designed specifically to integrate with the Freelander. This is the perfect choice to change your factory head unit into a powerful audio / visual interface with iGO navigation included.

For more details why not visit the HiTV website?

DynAudio Esotar2 Components Here For Auditioning. - 25/08/10

We're pleased to announce that DynAudio's flagship car audio range, the mighty Esotar2 series components, are now setup in our demo room and I must confess; these may just be the best components amongst our current demo room stable. That's no lightweight task either when you consider some of the component sets here ready for auditioning at any time - everything from from Rainbow Vanadium, Focal Utopia and DLS Scandinavia to Micro-Precision 7-series, Seas Lotus Reference and Diamond Hex Pro just to name a few. There is some serious component set competition here and they're all baying for top honours.

Click here for larger photo   Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

That said; everyone's opinion is different and if you're a serious audiophile then there is little doubt you would have heard about these stunning range of drivers. Well now you have the opportunity to see what all the hype is about. So head down sometime armed with your favorite music and tell us your thoughts on these Danish masterpeices!

Click here for larger photo   Click here for larger photo
Click on images to enlarge

From the DynAudio website: Advancing on the benchmark set by Dynaudio’s Esotec Series high-end aftermarket car audio loudspeakers, the company presents its new aftermarket automotive reference flagship series: the Esotar2 series.

Dynaudio has established a reputation of producing some of the best drivers available in the world with its Esotar home system models, incorporating its most refined technology into new reference automotive speaker – and bestowing such with the Esotar2 designation.

For more information and high resolution images on these fantastic components click here.

Introducing Furutech Accessories. - 12/08/10

Are you starting to notice a trend wherein many interconnect products are now getting cheaper not only in price but also in quality? Cables are getting smaller despite the gauge supposedly staying the same, items are being constructed from worser conducting materials. All in the name of larger returns for the manufacturer?

If you've shelled out a sizeable amount of coin for your pride and joy components then you're probably going to be on the lookout for interconnects beyond the run-of-the-mill products on the market today. Allow me to introduce Furutech Accessories.

From the Furutech website: "Furutech offers a full line of elegantly engineered and designed power distribution and filter components made with an attention to detail found nowhere elsewhere. Furutech knows each and every part of the chain, no matter how small, is as important as the next, so we lavish maximum attention on all aspects of power transfer." To read further about the company or for more information regarding these stunning components visit the Furutech website.

New System Kits Available For Various Vehicles. - 01/08/10

Fhrx Studios has been developing system kits for various cars for years now and as components improve we develop them further to enhance performance, compatibility and speed. These kits are priced at various points and fully integrate into your car without damaging anything and without rendering any existing equipment redundant. Depending on which particular system kit you choose (as they obviously vary between car and price) they can include:

  • Head unit (radio) with sound processing ability.
  • Blue tooth ability.
  • iPod ability.
  • Visual ability.
  • Steering wheel control compatibility.
  • Component speakers.
  • Sound deadening.
  • Amplifier(s).
  • Subwoofer(s).
  • Enclosure.
  • There have been significant advances in technology over the last twelve months and these are reflected in the latest versions of our system kits. Just a few of the recent ones developed here are for the following vehicles:
    • Opel / Holden Astra
    • BMW 320i
    • Holden Commodore
    • Volkwagon Golf
    • Mazda 3
    There are literally hundreds of kits available. One important issue to keep in mind is that these kits often contain fully custom fascias, panels and mounting components so not every single year model are fully catered for (although they often are). You'll need to check with us for your particular vehicle. For further information on these kits and what is contained within, please email us.

    Rainbow Car Audio - The Prodigal Son Returns. - 01/07/10

    After nearly five years respite we've again secured a dealer account for German audio maestros Rainbow! Many of you have been asking about this move for over twelve months now so we thought it high time to deliver.

    Rainbow was conceived longer ago than many of us care to remember and since then has gained notoriety for its many stunning component sets and subwoofers. From the 'Sound' and 'Dream' lines all the way up to the mighty 'Reference' series, Rainbow components offer you fidelity, accuracy and clean strong bass that to this day remains largely unrivaled. To read more about Rainbow and to browse the various product lines, click here. We also plan to have the Vanadium component set installed in our auditioning room in the not-to-distant future.

    Photos of The ARC Audio Signature Edition Amplifiers. - 28/07/09

    Whilst we've churned through more ARC Audio Kar-Mini amplifiers than you can poke a stick at since their release at Christmas, we rarely get to install the flagship Signature Edition (a.k.a SE) series. Named so because they bare the signature of their creater, these are among the best automotive amplifiers available. We recently took delivery of a couple more here so naturally we've taken some photos for you all to have a look over.

    Click here for larger photo Click here for larger photo
    Click on images to enlarge

    The Signature Edition amplifier range became reality thanks to the one of the premier engineers in the industry with over thirty years of experience in the world of automotive amplification, mastermind Robert Zeff. The claim is that these are his finest work to date. He has pushed the boundaries of technology with microprocessor control of an analog amplifier. To read further about the exciting Signature Edition series of ARC Audio amplifiers click here. For further photos click here. The full retail pricelist can be found on the products page.

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