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Mobile Electronics Australia Specialist Dealer

Listed below is all relavent information about the business that is Fhrx Studios. Who we are and our history, what makes us different as a high end audio store and customers testimonies.

What are your details and how can I contact you?

Our correspondence details are:
Name: Fhrx Studios Pty Ltd
Location: Unit 11, 70-72 Captain Cook Drive, Caringbah, NSW, 2229
Phone: (02) 9525 2731 - Please ring mobile first.
Mobile: 0417 686 671
Fax: (02) 9525 2731
Email: fhrxstudios@bigpond.com
ACN: 149 514 385
ABN: 97 879 788 419

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If you're coming from the east side (a.k.a. the Cronulla side) simply turn left into our driveway (the Caringbah Baptist Chucrh driveway next to the Speedway service station). If you're coming from the west, do a U-turn at the intersection that has Jaycar on one side and BP on the other.

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Click here for Google map directions.

Business hours:
Monday: 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday: 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday: 09:00 - 17:00
Thursday: 09:00 - 17:00
Friday: 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 13:00
Sunday: Closed.
Afterhours: By appointment only.

Payment methods:
Card (EFTPOS / Visa / Mastercard / Bankcard)
Cheque (personal / business / money order)
Paypal (fhrxstudios@bigpond.com)
Direct debit / internet transfer (Acc Name: Fhrx Studios / BSB: 062136 / Acc No.: 10339377)

All up there are four full time staff and up to six on the weekends. Feel free to drop us an email at any time with a query.

Our History

Fhrx Studios is a specialist incar multimedia company that only undertakes high end installations. We have established ourselves as a major player when it comes to superb quality products and workmanship above everything else, not only in multimedia but various other products and services as well.

We opt to remaining relatively small only having a few full time staff members but we utilise numerous highly skilled and professional contracters throughout many different industries to get the best job done.

All of our staff are qualified at numerous skills and have undergone multiple training courses both here and overseas such as RTTI (Rockford Fosgate Top Gun Training Institute), Alpine's GAIT (Global Alpine Institute of Technology), Directed's 'Snakepit' course, Mobile Dynamics and many others. Our fitters are qualified in hands on trades such as fitting and machining, CAD/CAM (computer aided design, drawing and drafting), metalurgy, woodworking, fibreglassing, electrical and welding just to mention a few. Add to this the fact that all our staff are certified IASCA and MEASQ judges, we have quite a formidable skill set when it comes to anything Automotive.

Another vitally important skill set is that most of us are musicians. Between our staff we play a variety of instruments and are of the opinion that you should have a strong interest in such things. After all, why would one want to take up a job in the field of reproducing music if they did not fully appreciate how it works and should sound?

System design and equipment choice is no easy task these days and we pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience when it comes to designing and setting up the optimum system. We give you useful and honest advice without the attempts to make a quick buck off a relatively novice car audio enthusiast.

What guarantee do I have? Why come to Fhrx Studio's?

Fhrx Studio's believes in two principles above all others - quality of workmanship and customer care. We take the nessessary time to complete installs neatly, safely and correctly. We're not a cheap company and will never been known as one. We pride ourselves on the care taken when dealing with customers rides. Please do not ask us to undertake cheap work. We utilise numerous proven methods in ensuring the customer gets exactly what they desire with no damage to their vehicle.

Proven methods before the install

  • First meeting customers and discussing their needs and desires.
  • Designing systems with customers so they get just the right system.
  • Explaining to customers exactly what work is going to be undertaken.
  • Drawing concept art for customers to clearly demostrate what designs are in mind. Click for photo.
  • Giving numerous options regarding finishing touches like radii and trimming grains and colours. Click for photo.
  • Driving customers to home or work upon their dropping off of their car.
  • Undertaking a complete inside and outside inspection with the customer to highlight any and all existing damage.
  • Reminding customers to check their odometer before work commences to show the car hasn't been driven.
  • Reminding customers to check their fuel levels before work commences so the car hasn't been siphoned.
  • We can organise a hire car to be here upon dropp-off. When you return we take car of the hire car for you.
Proven methods during the install
  • Simple protective measures such as fender and seat covers. Click for photo.
  • Taking numerous digital photos and emailing them to customers so they can see work as it progresses.
  • Soldering and heatshrinking all cable joins rather than simple cheap electrical tape. Click for photo.
  • Soldering and heatshrinking all speaker connections to minimise the chance of breakage. Click for photo.
  • Tying and taping cables down to floors under seats, including those out of sight locations. Click for photo.
  • Choosing correct grommet and spacers when passing cables through metal. Click for photo.
  • Running oversize negative cables from battery to body. Click for photo.
  • Wrapping crossovers to ensure no shorts occur. Click for photo.
  • Using amplifier racks to hide components and not drilling into parcel shelves to mount them. Click for photo.
  • Cutting no metal. This includes the drilling of holes for negatives. Click for photo.
  • Manufacturing various brackets and braces for stereo components to avoid drilling metal. Click for photo.
  • Manufacturing various brackets and braces for alarm components to avoid drilling metal. Click for photo.
  • Manufacturing various brackets and braces for reversing camera components to avoid drilling metal. Click for photo.
  • Ensuring important midrange speakers are sealed and airtight. Click for photo.
  • Leaving trims stain and dirt free.
  • Covering rear shelf speakers with UV resistant cloth. Click for photo.
  • Ensuring all enclosures are not only airtight, but solidly constructed to tight tolerances. Click for photo.
  • Upgrading factory head unit power cables for modern high powered head units.
  • Sealing doors and kick panels from the elements.
  • Running speaker cables through existing rubber door boots.
Proven methods after the install is complete
  • Picking customers up.
  • Explaining to customers what the system is all about and how it is set up.
  • All workmanship is covered by our famous lifetime warranty.
  • Washing and vacuuming all outgoing cars unless the customer requests otherwise.
  • 24 hour simple help service.
  • Going through invoices thoroughly, itemising each component.
  • Getting customers back after seven days to thoroughly check the system over (as it's impossible to simulate real road vibration and heat).
  • Providing customers with multimedia that contains all photos and / or movies of their install. Click for photo.
  • Developing a professional customer / installer relationship.
For more information and photos regarding quality issues, please click here.

What does the shop look like?

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Fhrx studio's have been doing installs in all my cars for years. They're the only company I trust to handle my pride and joy.
S Johnson - Lamborghini Diablo

The service that Marty offers is a big cut above everyone else, a terrific service that most audio shops seem to lack these days.
P Davidson - Holden Rodeo

I have never seen anyone so meticulous about quality - I was impressed from day one. And that was eight years ago.
J Price - Toyota Prado

I always tell people to go see Fhrx Studio's about installs if they want it done properly! I've seen their work and am yet to see better quality workmanship!
D Bailey - Nissan Exa

Marty did my system and Lord does he know how happy I am with it. The force is strong in him.
G Skeels - Daihatsu Charade

The systems that Fhrx Studio's designs are top line and without the annoying money making methods most audio shops seem fond of employing. They itemise the entire workload and showed me exactly what they were doing. I was calm throughout the project.
G Ransom - Ford Escort

Fhrx Studio's are about the only people I trust to handle my Porsche. With their anti-metalcutting policies and tidyness, I can rest assured that my ride won't be returned damaged. And for this I'm happy to ship it from up here in QLD.
R Crocier - Porsche 928

Fhrx Studio's are top notch. They even made the time to come out to me for the initial quote.
G Edwards - Proton Satria

My friends are so jealous! My system is awesome! Fhrx Studio's did a terrific job without cutting my car up.
J Rollings - Honda Prelude

The quality of Fhrx Studio jobs are second to none and no one else will ever touch my car audio again, ever. After years of getting stuffed by various places I have found someone who does the job better than I want it.
B Wood - Honda Integra

Well what can I say? I've said it before, Marty knows his stuff, thats all there is to it. He's a genius!
A Senaratwe - Toyota Corolla

Fhrx, a.k.a Marty is an audio genius and let me tell you, his work is second to none.
M Malovini - Nissan 180SX

I can attest to the quality of Fhrx Studio's work and helpfulness in asissting us in tuning our system. I'd reccomend him to anyone! Top bloke, top work. Thanks once again Marty.
A Bostock - Mazda RX-3

Marty installed the head unit on my car. Not only did he do a great job with it, he showed me how bad the old installation was and explained how dangerous it was.
H Bautista - Hyundai Excel

Marty and the boys at Fhrx amazed me, they also made me feel better about my self as I thought I was the only one burdened with the affliction of perfectionism and attention to detail to a level that annoys the average human being - well I'm happy to say that Marty and the boys exceed me on that - and what a relief it is and in no way annoying! I felt so comfortable that I could hand over my vehicle and rest assured that "Quality" and all that associated with quality will reign supreme. What a relief to actually be able to find people who have to race against them selves when it comes to perfectionism because there is no one else that comes close.

I know this all sounds unbelievably glowing but the reality is that I investigated and interviewed 6 other installers all across Sydney (and I didn't even bother with chain stores) from all of them I got what I kind of expected - "what is the minimum I can do to get the maximum amount of profit from this guy" OR "what you want is to hard to do". Well what a relief it was meeting Marty as over an hour and half later he was still passionately filling my head with information - not trying to sell anything but just information. It would also be fair to say that he was working me out a little - because if he was going to put love, time and effort into my van he wanted to know that I was going to recognise and enjoy it. While a customer is a customer he doesn't need to deal with cheap skates and people who want a 'cut corner' type job done.

I could have got an install cheaper else where but the reality I would have 110% regretted it - especially as my install posed its own unique issues. Others would have given up - Marty did not. I have sinced discovered that a fair percentage of Fhrx customers have first come to them to fix a crappy job done elsewhere.

For those interested My vehicle was a brand new 2010 Mercedes Vito compact 120 van (the top of the range V6/3L version). No one, anywhere, had done an install on one of these before. You name it everything was new and different from previous versions of the Van - so wiring diagrams, specs nothing matched! I had the following installed: Pioneer F20, BT iphone hook-up and rev camera, Mongoose alarm system, Focal 3 ways, Amp & bit-one processor and a 10 inch sub custom fitted into the spare tyre at the rear plus sound deadening everywhere. The system sounds amazing. I actually look forward to driving in Sydney traffic now because I get to spend time with music - I am clearly hearing things that I didn't know where there. Btw - I have ditched all low rate MP3's as the lack of quality is now so obvious - I only use apple lossless or actual CD's.

Anyway - while I could go on and on I will simple make an offer to anyone who is interested if you want to know more please feel free to hit me an email - Especially if you are thinking of fitting out a van or even more especially if you are fitting out a Vito 120 and want perfect Iphone connectivity and sound quality - I have invested a lot of time and money into getting it right and it would be a pleasure to share my learning's - all in the interest of Quality and sharing the love.
A Brown - Mercedes Vito

Marty is a champ and a damn audio genius at that. I know where ill be going when it comes time for anything audio.
B Bostock - Toyota Seca

Marty is an audio genius. You have to hear the sound quality is in his S15. Bloody crystal clear ..... I haven't heard anything like it.
K Wilson - Holden Gemini

Marty is great at what he does and he is always willing to lend a hand or an ear when needed!
D Harris - Toyota Seca

I have not seen such meticulous attention to detail undertaken by any installer, even that of show spec installs.
S Wood - Honda Integra

Good on ya Marty. There is someone out there that you can take your ride too and expect it too come back in one piece as well.
M Calcott - Proton Satria

Marty helped me with my install even though he was over a 1000 kilometres away. He explained to me the do's and dont's plus the things to do for ultimate results.
B Zachariah - Jeep Cherokee

I had my car done at Fhrx Studio's and two words some them up - Exceptional work!
J McKinnon - Ford Mustang

Marty continually kept me well informed using digital photos over email. I watched my entire system being installed over four days and with the images continually rolling in, I knew my ride was in good hands. I could virtually see it!
A Craig - Ferrari 308

This is just a quick shout out to everyone who is looking for stereo installers... After speaking to numerous people, both installers and customers I took my car to Fhrx Studio's to get my second amp installed and the rest of the previous install cleaned up. What more can I say other than Fhrx did an awesome job, looked after me, explained everything he was doing, asked what I wanted plus he gave me a Pepsi Max!

His work is second to none, the install itself is clean as can be and he used only the best materials. He even re-positioned the fuse holder three times because it wasn't quite right. He staged the system perfectly so now I can hear parts of music I havent heard before.

So basically, if you are looking for some one to get you good gear and do a superb job installing it, contact Fhrx Studio's and see what they can do.
A Price - Proton Satria

I'll also back up all that has been said about Marty. At our last meeting he played with my girlfriends system for about five minutes and had it poundin that bloody hard that it just about vibrated the car too pieces. He works some magic that Marty. I wouldnt bother going to see anybody else but him.
J Young - Mazda 323

Just thought I'd add this. I recently had my car audio re-install by Marty and I must admit I am very satisfied indeed with the quality of install. Having been through a bad experience with an inferior installer where my car was left pretty damaged with holes being drilled in wrong places, wires not run correctly etc, I was concerned and would not want to have another bad experience. That's when I posted on the Fast Fours Forums for some recommendations on good installers. Straight away I had several people advising me to contact Marty.

So this is where it began. I contacted Marty and we met up to discuss my situation. We actually met up a few times and I told Marty of my designs and how I wanted it. He went through explaining to me exactly how he would do it and what it would be like, even what cables he would use etc. He even sketched out how it would look like and emailed me with the quote.

During the whole installation he kept me updated with email pics of how it was going. Now you don't get this sort of service from other installers. He will also ring you if any of the install needs to be change. Or if you come up with any new ideas - just call and he will change it if it's not already done.

Another aspect is which I like is Marty actually listens to what a customer wants. Not how he want to design it or install it. Although he might provide some advice, ultimately it's what the customer wants that matters. For example - on first inspection of my battery installation I didn't like the way it was mounted and told Marty how I want it done. "Yep, not a problem" he replied and it was fixed up straight away.

What I really like about Marty is that it's not a once off install either. They don't just take your money and that's it. He provides after sales service which includes bringing the car back for checkup, ie to check for any loose parts or cables, add new sound deadening or nailing rattles - you name it.

Lastly, unlike most other places where they provide you with a low quote to begin with then at the end of the day it ends up costing double, Marty works the other way around. I paid less than my quote at the end of the day!!

Thanks for the great install Marty... got a few mates that are going to be seeing you soon!
T Luxa - Nissan Silvia

I've racked up 450km's in the two days since Marty installed my system. It gets better each time I listen to it!
B Stiller - Lotus Elise

Thanks Marty for doing an amazing job in setting up the system on my MR2, man its been nearly a day now and I STILL CANT STOP SMILING!!! Even at work I can't concentrate because all I wanna do is go home and jump in the car for a spin, I must have racked up a million k's yesterday.

The sound is so clean and precise! those Resolution splits and JL sub are a perfect match for the car, I really can't fault anything on it, the bass is fanatastic! I can crank it up and will pound my brains out till the cows come home without overpowering the rest of the system.

I've listened to around 30 plus cd's now and I have heard stuff that I never knew that were there, man i'm so blown away with the install exceeding all my expectations. Im so glad that I got you to do the install on my car, you have found a customer for life. Any other cars will be going straight to you, I'm so proud of this system and really can't thank Marty enough for the hours that he has put into this project. If you are thinking of getting a similar project done to your car, look no where else because service and professionalism like this is rare to find. Fhrx Studio's will make sure that the system is right for you without the hype and will give you his honest opinion.
R San Pedro - Toyota MR2

I have to say the clarity of the Bostons is astounding! Can't really tell that well with pop and R'n'B but when you pop an orchestral cd in ...these speakers are off the hook! I can hear every detail! eg sniffing and coughing in backgrounds, vibrating of strings etc. The rockford has more than enough omph to satisfy the sub bass cravings too!

The quality of the setup is on par (if not better) with the B&K system i've got in the lounge room!

I've showed my family the system - the only thing they managed to see was the amp! The sub has been finished so well it integrates seamlessly with the rest of the boot! Nice and stealthy!

I have to say I am extremely pleased with the standard of the install and the professional service you have given me! Your dedication to detail, logical advice and willingness to burn the midnight oil have impressed me to no end!

Once a again, I cannot thank you enough for doing such an awesome job on my car. The detail and finish has exceeded all my expectations of what could be done! oh... and the sound is decent too!
T Smith - Mazda MX-5

Thanks for the install and the great pricing I really appreciate it. Had fun listening on the way home in the traffic, just closed the windows up and it sounds awesome and I think everyone around me thought the same :). I am a pretty hard person to impress, with anything for that matter, but you have acheived it with my stereo and install. I am going to listen to it as frequently as possible over the next few weeks, months etc and then plan stage 2 of it.

Anyway you have done a great job and you deserve a pat on the back. I will be seeing you for any future installs or modifications in the future.
P Dg - Holden Commodore

My system sounds awesome. Thanks to Marty for doing a professional install and overcoming all the problems my car had!
R Tizzone - Volkswagon Golf

Many thanks to Marty and the team at Fhrx. They spent nearly a whole day (uncharged mind you) sorting some rattles out and bringing me up to speed on my EQ so I could play with the sound myself without continually having to return to the shop everytime I wanted a different sound from my system. I cannot recommend them highly enough!
A Mortenson - Nissan 350Z

My setup has now been installed by Marty. I wanted something simple which sounded great but didnt break the budget too much. Marty was able to give me exactly that! Let me just tell you that for the past 2 days i have been grinning ear to ear since i picked the car up!

My ride home pulled out at the last minute which meant I had to spend the day with Marty, but let me tell you that it was NOT a waste of a day! I've been an audiophile for sometime now, and i've never seen anyone take so much care with someone else's car before, and this is coming from someone who has dealt with most of the other well known workshops. All the proper precautions were taken and so much more. From spacers to cable management... not a section of the install was left untouched! I've never in my life seen such a neat install.

The system sounds bloody amazing too. The staging in the car sounds unbelievable. My car has never had such a well balanced sound before. No other installer that i've dealt with has sat with the customer to make sure that all aspects of the stereo are tuned for optimum enjoyment. My hat comes off to Marty and FHRX studio's...and from now on no other place is touching my car except them. I've been sitting in my car all day showing friends and they too can't believe how great it sounds.

Thanks again for everything Marty. I really appreciate everything and it was an honour to watch you work dude!
T Arvanitopoulos - Subaru WRX

I've just got my car back from getting it's stereo installed. I'd just like to thank Marty (Fhrx) for the teriffic job he did. I asked for something that has overall good sound quality and DAMN it has got just that, not matter how loud it is! Crystal clear sound! I'll recommend Fhrx Studio's to anyone without a doubt!
S Derwent - BMW E34

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