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Want to know what is on this website?

This sitemap will give you a brief overview of each section within both the general section and the members section of this website.

News Section(General and Members)
This area includes all our general news such as upcoming shows, automotive news snippets from around the globe, place winners from previous events, general forum info etc. Members additionally have access to all the news regarding the club such as upcoming club events like dyno days, track days, BBQs, go-karting days plus more.

Images and Artwork(General and Members)
This area contains all of our images, photos and artworks. Within the general area some images like wallpaper, concept art and images of interest are limited with the entire collection only being available to club members.

Forums Members Bios(General Only)
This area contains information about more than a few of the unscrupulous individuals that frequent the forums.

Club Members Roster(Members Only)
This area contains information about all the current club members that are registered with our club.

Video Gallery(General and Members)
This area houses our extensive collection of video clips. There are only five on display in the general section but all are available to club members.

Technical Feature Archive(General and Members)
Each weeks Shelli and Big_Affari put out a tech article within the forums. They all end up here. Like the video section there are only five technical articles on display in the general section. Club members enjoy the entire archive of previously written technical features.

Links(General Only)
This section contains all our links of interest from around the web. Automotive and non-car related alike, these are all available to anyone.

Drag Racing Records(General Only)
Kind of self explanatory. If you want to know who is quickest over the quarter mile then look here. These records come courtesy of Fullboost so check them out!

Unit Comparator(General Only)
This little over-glorified calculator is a God-send for us petrol heads. Converts just about anything from metric to imperial or visa versa.

Merchant Listing(Members Only)
This section lists all the shops that are willing to offer club members serious discounts on good and services. Were not talking small either here as some shops are willing to offer us up to 50% off. Shop types include auto performance shops, car and home audio shops, tinting shops, tyre, wheel and suspension shops, import shops, paint shops, model shops, body kit shops plus others. Not to mention you can also get up to 40% of on your yearly Fast Fours magazine subscription. Bare in mind that shops that give big discounts go broke very quick so they WILL be verifying your membership through a security system they have access to once you present them your official club card or key ring.

Competitions(Members Only)
We run monthly competitions for club members. While we cannot afford to give away a new R34 just yet there are some cool prizes coming up each month. Some of them are things like DVD's, Audio goods and Kitten polish packs.

Apparel and Oddments(Members Only)
You can get yourself various club clothing and oddments. In future shops have also shown great interest is selling their apparel through here. Who knows? In a few months we might be selling HKS jackets through BD4's at a discount? Maybe maybe...

Sneak Peak Section(Members Only)
We'll give you a sneak peak and what is going to be in the next issue of our beloved Fast Fours magazine.

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