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Privacy Policy

The Fast Fours Forums Car Club Inc abides by the National Privacy Principles of the Australian Federal Privacy Commission.

As a general rule, we do not automatically collect any personal information from users of this website. We will always ask you to voluntarily submit any information we require, and any such requests would be necessary for site functionality. We do track certain non-personal user information (eg, ISPs, Internet operating systems, which pages are being accessed most frequently).

This information is used for internal purposes only. It does not show any individual’s statistics and cannot identify any user. (Think of it like this: a top ten chart might show the most popular websites in Australia, and might even tell you which sites received the most hits, but it wouldn’t give you the names and addresses of each person who visited them).

Currently we collect only the details of the users of the ‘Club Members’ section of the site, in order to allow them access. Membership of this section of the site is by approved application only. This information is stored on a secure server. Users of the ‘Club Members’ section who wish to access, correct or update this information should contact The Fast Fours Forums Car Club Inc.

Contact details for The Fast Fours Forums Car Club Inc are given in the Contacts page, which can be accessed from every page of the main site.

Similarly, if you have any complaints about the way personal information is collected on this site, we ask you to contact us. Any personal information we request from you will always be kept to the bare minimum necessary for the site to function, and will be used for the primary purpose of collection.

Any personal information that has been voluntarily provided is retained by The Fast Fours Forums Car Club Inc. It will not be sold or transferred by us unless we have your express consent to do so (usually obtained at the time of collection), or unless we are required to do so by law or by order (eg, by a court).

We do not send any personal information offsite, nor do we share this information with third parties unless it is considered necessary for the operation of the website.

The Fast Fours Forums Car Club Inc does not download or use cookies. The Fast Fours Forums Car Club Inc website may contain links to other websites. These are provided for the ease of use and enjoyment of our users.

We are only responsible for the privacy policy of the The Fast Fours Forums Car Club Inc website. We do not vouch for the safety, content or privacy practices of any other website. We strongly urge you to also read the terms and conditions of use, which can be accessed from every page of the main website.

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